Shadow Cabinet India (छाया मंत्रिमंडल)

Shadow cabinet means whose responsibility is to scrutinize the policies and actions of the government.

After 7 decades of freedom from the clutches of the Britons, the country is passing through a time where incremental changes only will not help. We need radical changes to catapult the country to the world map. We want to upgrade Democracy.

Politicians make us believe that all is well, our democracy is ‘Mahaan’ and all is working well, sunny days are ahead and you just keep voting. They shower praise on us when we dutifully cast our votes every five years, but believe us, they do not want more active participation from you than this. This kind of democracy suits them which we call a ‘festival of democracy’ because in this festival our politician is at the center stage and s(he) is the king. However, real democracy lies in the hands of the people. We need a kind of governance that is transparent, and accountable.

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